Gulhi Bikini Beach

Gulhi Island: A Pristine Sandy Beaches

Gulhi Island, located in the South Malé Atoll, is a hidden gem in the Maldives. Renowned for its picturesque scenery and exceptional sandy beaches, Gulhi Island has captivated tourists for decades.

During the late 70’s and early 80’s, Gulhi Island gained immense popularity among tourists due to its idyllic sandy beaches. Visitors flocked to experience the picture-perfect beauty that was synonymous with the island. Even today, Gulhi Island boasts some of the finest sandy beaches in the South Malé Atoll, ensuring an unforgettable beach experience for every visitor.

Tourists and visitors to Gulhi Island can relish the magnificent North end beach, an ideal sunbathing spot (also known as Bikini Beach) where swimwear is permitted. Thanks to the efforts of the island’s people, sun-seekers can bask in the glory of the tropical sun while enjoying the crystal-clear waters. The North end beach provides a perfect sanctuary to unwind and soak up the Maldivian sun.

The bikini beach also hosts the iconic attraction of Gulhi – I Love Gulhi twin swing in the sea.

Apart from the North end beach, Gulhi Island also offers a charming sandy beach at the South End. Although it may not be beachfront, this mesmerising stretch of sand is just a five-minute walk from Tropic Tree. Visitors can explore the South end beach and revel in its serenity, immersing themselves in the peaceful ambiance.

Gulhi Island presents the unique opportunity for visitors to relish two distinct beaches on opposite ends of the island. Whether one prefers the vibrant atmosphere of the North end beach or the serene escape offered by the South end beach, Gulhi Island has it all. With its unparalleled natural beauty, Gulhi Island beckons travellers from around the world to experience its sandy shores.

Gulhi Island stands out as an extraordinary destination within the South Malé Atoll, renowned for its stunning sandy beaches. The popularity of Gulhi Island’s beaches, especially the North and South end beaches, is a testament to their allure. Visitors are welcome to indulge in the breathtaking scenery, serene ambiance, and comforting amenities extended to visitors of Gulhi Island.