The Island Council

Gulhi island is an administrative local island which is located in the South Malé Atoll. Article 92 of the revised constitution which was ratified on 7th August 2008, commonly named as the “Green Constitution” states that the administrative constituencies stated in the constitution must be decentralised and Island councils, atoll councils and city councils must be elected according to a law passed by the parliament.

Decentralisation Act 2010 was passed by the parliament on 17 May 2010. According to the law, island councils, atoll councils and city councils must be elected by the constituents.

Gulhi Island is currently served by five elected councillors who is mandated with looking after the affairs of around 900 residents of Gulhi Island, providing some administrative devolved functions such as garbage disposal and providing a clean environment for the residents and visitors.

Currently the council is headed by President Safeel.

The Island Council Office is located at the centre of the island and can be contacted via telephone number +960 6640068.

Gulhi island is a local island which is in the South Malé Atoll. Gulhi Council is the administrative body which runs the affairs of the island. The residents democratically elected it. Current council has five members with a president as its head.